Pumpkins face paint for children and adults

Going to have a fun Halloween party? Then you definitely cannot do without face painting. Turn into a vampire, a dead bride or a sinister pumpkin – it’s up to you. But in any case, for this you need paints and brushes, with which you can transform.

If you are a beginner and have never painted faces before, this article will be useful to you. From it you will learn about what face painting is, how to choose paints, how to use brushes and how to do makeup, and we will tell you in this article.

What paints to use to make pumpkin faces with paint

The classical theatrical make-up was originally created for the characters of the theater. They have good coverage but are oily. This means they are not stain-resistant. These paints are called creamy makeup or oily makeup. They are not suitable for baby makeup.

 We recommend using water-soluble cosmetics for baby makeup. These paints are similar to watercolors. The makeup palette is perfect for beginners, kids birthday parties, carnival and other small makeup campaigns.

These paints dry quickly on the skin. You can quickly prime baby faces with a makeup sponge. The makeup brush can be used to paint the details quickly and easily. The make-up result does not spread and can be easily washed off with water and a little soap.

What to look for when choosing pumpkin face paint

There are many different face paints available today. However, you should pay attention to two nuances:

1. Composition of paints

Be sure to check if the paint contains harmful substances such as lead. Paints are in direct contact with the skin for a long time, so it is important that they are completely safe.

If the composition is not indicated on the packaging, we do not recommend buying such paints. If you are going to buy paints from an online store, ask the seller to send you instructions to check everything in advance.

2. Are paints recommended for children

Not all types of paints are suitable for children. In adults, the skin is less susceptible to irritants than children. You should check if paints are recommended for use on baby skin. It is important that paints do not contain gluten or chemical preservatives (eg parabens) or halogenated organic compounds.

Tips for choosing accessories for pumpkins face paint 

 Regardless of whether you are going to do face drawings for Halloween or another holiday, in addition to paints, you will also need additional accessories and aids to organize the process.

In addition to paints, you will also need:

– Cosmetic brush

– Makeup sponges

– Glitter

To create a pumpkin pattern on your face, you will need:

– Stencils with different motives (10-15 motives or more)

– A bowl of water for a brush

– Bowl of water for sponges

– Large mirror

– Roll of kitchen towels

– Water spray bottle

– Towel

– Cotton swab

You will also need:

– a large umbrella (if you plan to paint outdoors on a sunny day);

– armchairs or for children (if there are many of them).

Selection of stencils for pumpkin faces with paint

 Before choosing the right stencils, answer the following questions. Who can I wear makeup to during a makeup campaign? Small children, adolescents and adults too? Are there mainly girls or boys too?

As a rule, there are only 1-2 pumpkin stencils in the face paint kits. If you need more, you have to find them on the Internet yourself or apply paints on the face without a stencil, using various ideas. However, it is important to note that you may not be able to depict a pumpkin on your face without a stencil the first time. This will require training.

By the way, you don’t have to train in public right away. You can practice on a mannequin or even a piece of paper.

On the other hand, drawing a pumpkin on your face is one of the easiest tasks. Other drawings can be much more complex. Therefore, pumpkin is always a great option.

If children don’t want to make a pumpkin face, you can implement other ideas. For example, girls predominantly love butterflies, cats, or flowers. For boys, images of pirates, lions, tigers or clowns are suitable.

If you want to expand the range of makeup, we recommend watching current children’s films. The acting heroes of films are always in demand among children. For example, SpongeBob and Captain Jake are very popular with boys. But girls may also like the image of a fairy.

You have to be flexible in developing your range of makeup motives. Other pumpkin face paint ideas should be suggested depending on the season:

For the carnival, you can additionally consider options such as reincarnation as an Indian, harlequin, knight.

On Halloween, a variety of monsters, dragons, bats and zombies will be an excellent choice.

Instruction: Basic uses of pumpkin face paint

Apply paints with a special brush or sponge

 The application of baby makeup should be quick, so it is advisable to have a separate brush ready for each color. Keep in mind that there may only be one or two paint brushes in the kit. If you need to use more colors, we recommend purchasing the brushes separately.

However, keep in mind that you need face painting brushes. Regular brushes for painting with watercolors on paper will not work for you.

Do not dilute paints with water too much. Valley paint has a normal consistency. On the one hand, it should not be too thick, otherwise it will not smear well on the skin. On the other hand, it should not be too liquid, otherwise it will leak.

Apply paint with strokes. If you made the paint too runny, let it dry a little to prevent the colors from mixing.

What are the makeup brushes when applying makeup to children

Synthetic hair brushes work well for painting the face. These brushes are dimensionally stable and will not shed. On the other hand, brushes with natural hair swell on contact with water and lose hair as a result. When applying baby makeup, we apply makeup to small areas, wide and fine lines. You will need round, thin brushes, wide pointed brushes, and wide flat brushes. Here, we’ll show you which brushes are used and when.

Learning to draw lines from patterns

 It is not necessary to use a thin brush to draw the line. You can also use the edge of a flat brush for this.

Draw a line from the center of the nose to the upper lip. The line gets wider the closer you get to the upper lip, and on the upper lip, pull it further towards the corners of the mouth. Draw a line outside the corners of the mouth with a round shape upward.

Subtle study of motives when applying baby makeup

 Use a thin round brush to paint beautiful thin lines.

Children’s makeup can be used around the eyes, but children usually feel uncomfortable when the brush gets too close to their eyes. So, you decide how far you want to stretch the color.

When working under the eyes, have the model look up – just with the eyes, without moving the head. As you work on the eyes, allow the model to relax and close their eyes. When it comes to face painting, it’s important to give kids instructions. Children often squint. Then you can say: keep your eyes closed as if you were sleeping.

Apply paint to small areas

Do not try to paint over large areas at once. You should work gradually. Paint over small areas with a flat brush. For the bridge of the nose, start on the side of the brush and paint over large areas with the flat side. If you are using a flat, pointed brush, the beginning and end will be rounded.

Apply makeup or dye your hair

You can also use baby cosmetics to color your hair and eyebrows, provided the hair is free from perm, bleaching and dyeing. Use a toothbrush for this.

Practicing face painting

 In accordance with the motto “After theory comes practice”, now you can create various drawings. A baby face is not necessary for makeup. You can also just use makeup paints to paint your face on paper. Of course, it’s more fun to put makeup on your baby. Because you will definitely have a radiant childish smile.

Have fun with practice.


Face painting is a great way to have fun celebrating a holiday or participating in an event. This fun is great not only for adults but also for children. Although, drawing pictures on children’s faces can be a little more difficult, because children are restless and cannot sit for a long time waiting for the result. Therefore, you should learn to do it as quickly as possible.

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