Which brand to choose to apply pumpkin face paint on cheek?

Which brand to choose to apply pumpkin face paint on cheek?

Are you going to have a fun Halloween? To make the holiday really fun, it makes sense not only to decorate the room, but to turn into fairy-tale heroes by painting your faces and putting on the appropriate costumes.

In this article, we’ll show you how to choose the right paints and which brands to look for.

What to look for when choosing pumpkin face paint for children?

Not all face paints are of high quality and safe. On the market, you can find many low-quality paints made by no one knows who and no one knows where.

Two nuances are key in the process of choosing paints:

1. Paints must be safe.

Since we are talking about children, safety comes first. The composition of paints should not contain components that can be harmful to health, for example, such heavy elements as lead or cadmium. However, many manufacturers with a dubious reputation continue to add them to the composition.

2. Paints should not cause allergies

If your child has allergies or is being treated for acne, you should refrain from using face paints. If there are no such caveats, then you can use them. However, it is worth checking the body’s reaction in advance. To do this, you can apply paint to your hand. If no skin irritation is observed, you can apply them to your face.

In any case, we do not recommend dealing with paints that do not meet the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This organization tests paints and determines whether they contain harmful or toxic ingredients that can irritate the skin or cause allergies when pumpkin face paint on cheek is applied. If the paints meet the requirements, you can safely buy them. If it does not match or the seller does not know at all what the FDA is, it is better to refuse to purchase.

Below we provide a list of brands whose products have passed the necessary research and are safe for children.

pumpkin face paint easy

Trusted brands that produce quality pumpkin face paint

Here are some of the brands you can trust. We do not want to say that this list is exhaustive. Probably other manufacturers make quality face paints. However, the ones we will name have definitely worked well.


This is an excellent manufacturer with a good reputation, whose products have proven themselves well. The paints meet all FDA requirements and are completely safe.

In addition to the paints themselves, the kits usually contain brushes for applying them to the face, as well as stencils to make the task easier.


Another reliable manufacturer, whose products have passed all the necessary research and are recommended for children. The paints are easily applied to the skin and can also be easily washed off with plain warm water and soap.


The products of this British manufacturer do not contain toxic components or harmful substances and comply with European safety requirements. Therefore, it is very popular not only in the UK, but also in the EU countries, as well as the USA.

Blue squid

Paints designed this excellent quality specifically for children. They are free of gluten or parabens, which can cause allergic reactions, so you do not have to worry about your child’s health. In addition to bright colors, you will also find brushes, sponges and stencils in the kits. The company also produces drawing crayons.


Choose your face paints wisely and responsibly. This will allow you to avoid unpleasant situations when attending a party or Halloween celebration. We wish you a fun time!

Which brand to choose to apply pumpkin face paint on cheek?
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