Pumpkin face paint ideas

Pumpkin face paint ideas

Are you looking for Halloween pumpkin face paint ideas? And rightly so, because the pumpkin is practically a symbol of Halloween! So you did the right thing in deciding to create this particular image.

In this article, we will give you instructions on how to make your face look really great. We’ve also added some pumpkin costume tips below. We hope you find this article helpful and you can surprise your friends in a cool way.

What paints to choose to realize pumpkin faces ideas for painting?

Before we start, we want to give you some tips on choosing face paints. First of all, you should pay attention to how high quality and safe they are. We do not recommend looking for the cheapest paints. Good face paints can’t come cheap. Cheapness is an indicator that paints may be of poor quality or contain harmful components in their composition.

Before buying, be sure to study the composition. Better yet, buy paints from trusted manufacturers. We can recommend the Eulenspiegel makeup palette. Its main advantage is complete safety, as well as the fact that they are suitable for sensitive skin. So you can paint faces for both adults and children.

The package contains 21 base colors, 3 glitter colors and 3 brushes. This is more than enough to make your Halloween pumpkin face paint ideas come true. Water-soluble dyes are very economical and cover a large area. In addition, they can be easily removed from the face with plain warm water and soap. So you don’t need any special paint remover when the holiday is over.

The only drawback is probably the overpriced. Of course, there are many cheaper offers, but, as it was said, you should not chase a low price, because the quality in this case will be clearly lower.

The box is stable so the paints are well protected. The paint containers are very large, they have 5g and you can use them for years. You can not be afraid that they will dry out and deteriorate – next year you will be able to use them again to implement pumpkin faces ideas for painting again.

Scary pumpkin face painting ideas

Apply a primer

Thanks to the well-concealing, rich orange make-up, the face is lightly primed in the shape of a heart. This creates the basic shape of the pumpkin face. The water-borne paint is very easy to apply with a brush. You can use a cosmetic blender if you like. The advantage here is that there is a round and pointed side so that the color can be applied very well even to hard-to-reach areas.

Color the stem of the pumpkin

The green stem of the pumpkin is drawn in the form of an arrow above the bridge of the nose and ends, so to speak, with an arch of the heart. This point is perfect for creating the impression that the stem is sitting right on top of the pumpkin. Bright green is the best choice for attractive pumpkin foliage.

Accentuate the eyes and mouth of the pumpkin face

Since the famous Halloween pumpkin face always has creepy eyes and a big mouth, the outlines are now drawn with a black makeup pencil. Our photos will show you how to do it. The upper eyelids are triangular with an oblique line and are filled with black. The mouth is generously painted over your own lips. A typical vicious grin should be offered. Here, too, everything is painted black.

The contours and lines of the pumpkin face

The eyes are now also outlined in black along the lower lash line. The upper and lower lash lines intersect at the corner of the eye and can be connected with a smooth line. Then a little depth of an ocher-yellow hue is added to the pumpkin. To do this, straight lines are simply applied on the face and the contours are slightly redone. The yellow should be mixed with the orange primer because this creates a more natural color transition.

Then the pumpkin face is framed with a thin black pencil or narrow brush. Also highlight the stem well. As shown in our photo, black lines appear on the face to make the pumpkin head look even more realistic for Halloween. The stem can be shaped with slightly wider lines. Thus, the handle looks more voluminous.

Pumpkins face paint for children and adults

Highlight accents

Now the subtleties are drawn. First of all, the characteristic small antennae on the stem are very important. These little spirals can also protrude slightly into the face of the pumpkin. Some areas can be highlighted with white paint. This gives the impression of greater depth, especially around the edges of the pumpkin.

If you are not sure, just use our drawings as a guide, then this technique is not difficult at all. A large mouth can be highlighted in yellow, and thus it will be even better emphasized. Several small gold accents indicate typical pumpkin spots. The wonderfully creepy pumpkin face is ready, guaranteed to be a hit on Halloween and carnival.

Add a matching suit to pumpkin face paint ideas

There is not always the time and desire to order a ready-made suit. If something has to happen quickly, improvisation is allowed. Green legs are important for a pumpkin. Therefore, green tights or leggings are ideal. However, some people prefer black leggings, so this is also a matter of taste.

The leaf decoration on the head can be easily cut out of felt by yourself. To do this, simply cut a few elongated leaves and attach them loosely to each other. An empty photo sleeve or other small oblong box can be glued and attached like a pen. The pumpkin itself, of course, should be orange and spherical.

If you’re in a hurry, just grab an orange, durable plastic trash bag. Then just cut through the holes for the arms and head, close them up and use the lace at the bottom at hip level to assemble. Alternatively, such a bag can be sewn from a plain orange fabric. A quick Halloween costume is ready.


We hope you liked the scary pumpkin face painting ideas and you will be able to implement them to amuse (or scare) your friends and acquaintances.

Pumpkin face paint ideas
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