How to choose pumpkin face paint easy

pumpkin face paint easy

Going to have a fun Halloween party? Coloring your own faces is a great way to have fun and surprise those around you. However, the choice of face paints should be approached responsibly, especially if you plan to paint faces not only for adults, but also for children. We will tell you how to choose the right paints and also offer easy pumpkin face paint ideas.

How to choose the pumpkin face paint?

No matter how beautiful the packaging is and no matter how low the price of paints is, do not rush to buy. Start by exploring what really matters.


Safety should be taken seriously. Good paints cannot be too cheap. Too low a price may indicate dubious quality or even that the paint contains prohibited components, for example, such as lead.

Therefore, carefully study the composition of the paints. Remember that elements such as formaldehyde or cadmium are harmful to humans. Therefore, you should not buy those paints in which they are present. If the packaging does not indicate at all what is included in the composition, it is better to refuse such a purchase.

Remember, face paints must be FDA compliant. If they match, then you can safely purchase them. Typically, the types of paints produced in the United States meet these requirements. However, this should still be checked.

As for paints produced in other countries, you should thoroughly study the information about the product. Paints produced in the countries of the European Union are usually of high quality. But those made in other countries may not meet the requirements. Therefore, be careful.


Typically, FDA-compliant paints will not irritate the skin. However, some people may experience individual insensitivity, for example, skin irritation or even allergies may appear.

Therefore, initially test the paints on a different part of the body, for example, on the hand. If there is no irritation, then you can start painting the face.

What are some good pumpkin face paint manufacturers?

Here is a list of some of the face paint manufacturers that have proven themselves well and can be trusted.


This British manufacturer produces excellent quality face paints. They fully comply with both European standards and FDA requirements. The paints do not contain toxic or harmful components. By purchasing this product, you can not worry about your safety and the safety of children. Paints from this manufacturer dry quickly enough. This is a great feature that allows you to create complex designs.

The set contains 12 different colors, including black and orange, that is, the basic colors that are required for drawing a pumpkin. The set also contains special brushes for applying paint.

Non-toxic and safe Easy to wash off Suitable for childrenGlitter gel is thin enough to mix with paint  


We believe this is one of the best manufacturers. In addition to the high quality of the paints he produces, they are also recommended by dermatologists for coloring the faces of children. They are, of course, FDA compliant.

They are great for any look, not necessarily a pumpkin. The kits usually contain various stencils to simplify the creation of the image.

Paints are easily washed off the face with plain water and soap. Therefore, you do not need any special tools.

Advantages disadvantages Suitable for both children and adults Includes special brushes May be applied to sensitive skinPrice slightly overpriced


You can trust this manufacturer because Zenovika is synonymous with quality.

The paints are easy to use. In order to activate them, it is enough to slightly moisten them with water – and they will be ready for drawing.

Studies have confirmed that the paints are hypoallergenic, so they can be used on the face of children. There are no harmful or prohibited components in the composition.

By the way, in the kits of this manufacturer there are usually a very large number of stencils, so you will not have problems to constantly create new images.

Recommended for beginners Safe for children Many stencilsPrice slightly overpriced

Easy pumpkin face paint ideas

pumpkin face paint easy

Probably the easiest way to draw a pumpkin on your face is to use a stencil. Most face painting kits have 10 to 60 different stencils. With their help, you can quickly apply a pumpkin image to your face. However, if you do not have stencils, we will tell you how to do it.

Pumpkin is the main attribute of Halloween and one of the favorite makeup options for girls to make at home. The make-up turns out to be beautiful, light, looks bright and lightens the mood of others:

1. Apply orange face painting on the face with an even layer (this will be the base for the make-up).

2. Draw the contours of the pumpkin and its transverse stripes with black eyeliner.

3. Draw the area around with a dark color.

4. Lips are also painted black. If you need to create a more intimidating look, then draw sharp teeth.

5. To complete the look, tie the hair in several bundles, tie it with orange thin ribbons and insert green leaves cut out of paper into the middle. And it will be especially beautiful if you twist the ends of the ribbon.


We hope this article was useful to you and now you know how to choose pumpkin face paint easy and you will be able to draw not only a pumpkin, but also other funny images for Halloween.

How to choose pumpkin face paint easy
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