Child pumpkin face paint

Child pumpkin face paint

If, for some reason, you cannot create a drawing of a fairy-tale character on the child’s face, or you simply cannot find a suitable idea, try drawing a pumpkin. This is probably one of the simplest drawings, the creation of which does not require any special skills, and therefore is ideal for beginners.

At the same time, pumpkin is the main attribute of Halloween, so it is always a good choice. By the way, creating a pumpkin costume with your own hands is also easier than any other is. Therefore, if you want to make your life easier – this article is for you.

How to choose children’s pumpkin face paint

To create a pumpkin look, you need at least 4 colors: orange, yellow, green and black. So you don’t have to buy big professional kits. You can buy small pumpkin face paint, but it is necessary that all of these four colors are present.

When making a choice, first pay attention to which country the paints were produced in. The fact is that in the United States and the countries of the European Union there are rather strict rules that do not allow manufacturers to make face paints from harmful and toxic components. In other countries, such restrictions may be weaker or nonexistent.

Also, be sure to check the composition. You need to make sure that there are actually no ingredients in there that could cause skin irritation or allergies. If the composition on the packaging is not indicated or is illegible, it is better to refuse to buy these paints and choose others with an understandable composition.

Halloween pumpkin face paint

How to draw a pumpkin on your face?

If you have already chosen and bought high-quality child pumpkin face paint, you can start creating the image. There are many ways to paint a pumpkin on your child’s face, from cute miniature drawings to scary pumpkins. We will offer you one of the easiest ideas so you know where to start. As your skills improve, you will be able to create more drawings that are complex.

Step 1

Have your child wash his or her face well so that there is no sweat or grease on it. Otherwise, it will complicate the process of applying children’s pumpkin face paint. After washing, have the child dry his face well with a towel so that it becomes completely dry.

Step 2

Draw the outlines of the future pumpkin in orange. This will make it easier for you to paint over the desired area.

Step 3

Apply with a sponge a base coat of orange paint within the outline. Try not to go outside the borders.

Step 4

When you already have the base of the future pumpkin, add yellow vertical lines. You can use a makeup sponge for this.

Step 5

Take a paintbrush and paint the stem of the pumpkin in green on top. You can also add some decorative curls.

Step 6

If you want to add sparkles, then this is the time to do it. Ask your child to tilt their head back and close their eyes tightly. You can apply glitter with a brush or spray. The main thing is that in the process the child does not open his eyes, otherwise he will have to urgently rinse them with water and then the work will have to start over. If you do not want to add glitter, skip this step.

Step 7

Use black paint to paint the pumpkin eyes. Draw triangles around both eyes and then paint over them. Try to keep the triangles roughly the same size.

Step 8

To draw the mouth of the pumpkin, first draw a long black line so that it goes through the corners of the lips. Then, draw a series of triangles above the line and below the line. You will have the effect of a serrated mouth.

Step 9

There are just a few touches left to add. Draw a black line around the edge of the pumpkin and add some shadow lines up and down the pumpkin to make it look more realistic. If you like, you can also add a few strokes of white paint if it is in your set of a small pumpkin face paint. To do this, use another thin brush.

Step 10

The pumpkin is ready! Give your child a mirror so he can see your creation.


We hope you find this tutorial helpful and be able to draw your first pumpkin. If not, do not be discouraged. As the saying goes, “The first pancake is always a bit tricky.”

If something does not work out, wash off all the paint and start over. The paint can be washed off easily and simply with water and soap, so it does not take long.

We wish you every success!

Child pumpkin face paint
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